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draft to ACTUALIZED dream?


 Vision to reality?


Trauma to healing?


Memory to memoir? 


Do you need help writing a book?

Is there a story you’re meant to share, but you need help turning your dream of being a published author into a reality? 

Perhaps you've lost the motivation to finish your novel, or you’re stuck on how to structure a memoir.

Writing is a journey. And while any trip remains an adventure, you wouldn’t leave home without a map or ultimate destination. You must know where you're writing from and what you're writing toward.

In my one-on-one book coaching program, I equip writers with the tools to craft ideas into writing people want to read. Together, we'll chart a roadmap to bring your book to completion, saving years of drafting in wrong directions.

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Are  you ready to move from :

Working one-on-one with an expert writing coach provides a level of attention and accelerated results unmatched by workshops or self-study. Let The Writing Cycle take you from concept to development.





WHO It's

#WRITTEN is a four-month coaching program for writers with novels or memoirs in development. It includes regular zoom sessions, expert feedback, and line-editing—all customized for your book-in-progress.

Designed for writers who crave support and accountability as they draft, sessions also provide guidance on structure and technique. 

(Coaching can be continued after the program on a month-to-month basis, if desired.) 

This program is all about you getting your book #WRITTEN. 

Many coaches focus more on mindset than the craft of creative writing. And writing workshops require you spend precious time reading and responding to dozens of manuscripts in exchange for advice from other newbies.

By contract, my coaching is designed to optimize your writing style, while personalized feedback on your work will move you closer toward a finished draft.

Best of all: you won’t undertake your book-writing journey alone.

he benefits of working one-on-one with a writing coach:    

I’ll help you break the process of finishing a book into a series of small, actionable steps.


Let's  work together.

I’ll provide deadlines and accountability to turbo-charge productivity.

You’ll have a supportive ear through periods of isolation.

I’ll offer tips to overcome writer’s block.

Work with me:

As a Phoenix-based book coach with services nationwide, my style balances dream-affirming and reality-testing, while helping you master story structure. I also specialize in custom outlines for memoirists and novelists. My goal is to help you get your book #WRITTEN. 

I’m the writing coach for you if you’re ready to:    

Structure a story that will satisfy readers.. 

Go from idea to development. 

Walk away with a professionally-crafted manuscript. 

There are dozens of coaches rallying writers toward publication. Few are MFA-trained, prize-winning artists themselves; fewer still have taught writing workshops at colleges and universities for over a decade. I have developed and edited books published with big houses, small presses, and self-publishers, as well as studied Creativity Coaching with America’s foremost expert.

Importantly, I’m a writer like you: I don’t think of myself as a teacher so much as “a fellow traveler of whom you’ve asked the way. I point ahead—of myself as well as you,” as George Bernard Shaw famously wrote. 

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ZOOM coaching

expert editing



magine a mentor helping you build a marketable book to impact the lives of readers.!

Note: Ongoing/additional coaching, (including feedback and edits), available to writers, at a discounted fee. 

What's Included :

Development of your novel's trope and timeline,

Custom 4-month plan based on where you are in your book's development and what you wish to achieve. 

Supportive coaching through process-based challenges.

(OR) Development of your memoir’s theme, timeline, and transformation.

Expert editorial feedback and line-edits on 15 pages per month.

4 75-minute 1:1: Zoom or phone sessions, 

1 90-minute session to kick-start the program.


Reserve  your spot 


  • $300 discount on future Manuscript Editing Package

4 Monthly Payments: $700/month


Upon receipt, I’ll reach out to ensure we’re a fit. As always, information submitted and discussed is held in strict confidentiality, and remains the property of the author.


Select and purchase the book coaching program. The program is billed monthly for four months. All sales are final.


Read, sign, and return the Welcome Packet and Coaching Agreement.


Schedule your sessions here. I recommend scheduling out to secure your preferred time slot.


Three days prior to any session, email pages for review as a double-spaced Word document in Times New Roman, 12-point font to the email I provide.


Consult with me one-on-one. I will listen to your challenges, answer questions, provide resources, and brainstorm opportunities for your book. It is here the greatest breakthroughs occur.

how it works

Carol knows how to help writers find and shape the essential in their work. She understands what makes a good story. Her talent for narrative structure shows in her consulting and her own work, which she approaches with intelligence and humor.

— Corey Campbell,  Award-winning short story writer

Carol is a consummate professional and pleasure to work with. Her guidance was extremely insightful in pinpointing areas to develop in my first book. The hallmark of Carol’s approach is character development. Her use of the elements of writing is spot on. Her advice is worth its weight in gold!”

— Isabella Maldonado, Award-winning author of the Vera Cruz series & THE CIPHER, a soon-to-be Netflix feature starring JLo. 

Since we were together at graduate school, I have admired Carol’s craft, her commitment to the life of the mind, and the intelligence of her conversation.

In workshops and afterwards, as she has continued to read my work in draft, I have found her perceptions and comments regarding my work to be razor sharp, delivered with great good will, and cutting to the heart of the matter. Both as a reader and a writer, Carol is exceptional.”

— Daniyal Mueenuddin, National Book Award & Pulitzer Prize Finalist: Other Rooms, Other Wonders

“I came to Carol to critique and edit my novel because she is imaginative, thoughtful, and humane. You can trust your prose to her; she’ll make it better in ways you will understand and enjoy.” 

Sheila Grinell, Author, The Contract & Appetite

Carol is an astute professional editor, current on standard industry formats and knows what agents and publishers are looking for.
I’ve had the pleasure to attend a few of her presentations: she truly motivates writers who have found themselves stuck in the revision process or lost during their quest to publication.”

— Deborah J Ledford, Award-winning Suspense Novelist, including
2014’s Best Audio Book, CRESCENDO, narrated by Christina Cox.




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