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Next Group Begins January 2022

                 Join us on Zoom once per week to write for an hour—that’s it!

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Many of you don’t need more courses or conferences. One of your biggest challenges in starting your book is you simply need weekly accountability and human support to reach goals. A lot of writers aren’t seeing results because they continue to invest in boot-camps or networking events instead of hiring a coach as they might a personal trainer, or joining a group that helps:

  • Create structure.
  • Prioritize projects.
  • Provide habits and tools for writing success.
  • Manage time effectively to write and get published.

Confession: since leaving academia, my production became sporadic, seasonal, binge-style. Never great at sustaining motivation alone, I thought this revealed something “un-writerly” about me.

Can you relate? 

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How often do you write?


For how long?


How much do you produce in a session?


How do you focus writing tasks?

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What I came to understand, as an Extraverted Judging type on the Myers-Briggs, was not only do I thrive in community, I need externally-imposed structure to reach goals. And, as former Managing Editor of one of the world’s largest women’s web properties, experience proved that if I planned to succeed in anything, I was going to have to successfully manage myself first.

This meant, no more shame around the reality: 

  • I am motivated by community and accountability. 
  • I like to complete a defined “task” in any given session. 
  • I flourish when I consistently hit small, sustainable goals. 

Accountability buddies became my secret to turbo-charging motivation. 

So I decided to create what I most needed myself for clients, an accountability group, and join in. At first, I worried “sit down and write” sessions, absent critique, would be worthless. Instead, I found them a necessary—and liberating—step toward success. 

Production absent judgement is supported by science: “The best way to get better at something isn’t to worry and study, it’s to do it, even if you completely suck at first. Here’s why: As prolific songwriter Jonathan Reed has explained, the truth is whatever you’re trying to produce, 70 percent of your attempts will be mediocre, 20 percent will suck, and 10 percent will be amazing. These percentages hold steady no matter what level you’re working at. 

The more pages you generate, the more fall into the “amazing” category. The only way to get there is to sit down and write. Another handy way to force yourself to embrace this truth is to tape the number 70-20-10 to your laptop screen.” 

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Ready to establish a reliable practice? Here's how it works:

  • Zoom meetings are held weekly: Wednesdays 5:15-6:30p.m. AZ time. 
  • Memberships are purchased on a monthly basis, and include 4 sessions, 1 per week.
  • Sessions must be used during the month purchased or they expire, as the goal of this group is accountability. You are investing in your attendance. Writers need to be held accountable to finish books and do their best work. 
  • After the first two months, there is never any contract nor requirement to purchase additional months. Simply cancel your subscription via PayPal. 
  • Each writer will have a chance to share a brief intention at the start of each session (so be on time) for whatever writing task you intend to focus on that day. The task should be singular and attainable. If the muse takes you in a different direction, wonderful! This is not a critique group; no one will read your work. If time allows, we will close out sessions with a celebration honoring our efforts.


Page Generation
Accelerated Improvement

$149/month = 4 sessions

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“Carol knows what agents and publishers are looking for. She truly motivates writers who have found themselves stuck in revision or lost during their quest to publication.”

— Deborah J Ledford,
Suspense Thriller Novelist – 2014 Anthony Award Nominee for Best Audio Book, CRESCENDO, narrated by Christina Cox.

“Every single one of Carol’s lectures electrified me. The way she broke down the revision process really helped to dissuade my anxieties about writing. She focused on the real crunch and mechanics of writing, not just the ideas. My writing improved greatly even from the first week. Her exercises were extremely helpful.”

– Student, Arizona State University’s Creative Writing program, 2014

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