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What  you need :

Many of you don’t need more courses or conferences. Your biggest challenge in finally finishing your book is that you need accountability and support: in your regular space, within your weekly flow, for the time it takes to reach your goal. The truth is, a lot of writers don't see results because they continue to invest in one-time events instead of hiring an editor to help with development, or joining a group that:


Creates structure.

Prioritizes projects.

Resolves writing blocks.

Develops habits for writing success.

Manages time effectively to write.

Confession: since leaving academia, my production became sporadic, seasonal, binge-style. Never great at sustaining motivation alone, I thought this revealed something “un-writerly” about me.
Can you relate? 



For how long ?

How often do you write?

How do  you focus writing tasks ?

How much do  you produce in a session ?

hat I came to understand was not only do I thrive in community, I need externally-imposed structure to reach goals. And, as a former Managing Editor of one of the world’s largest women’s web properties, experience proved if I planned to succeed, I was going to have to manage myself first.

This meant, no more shame around the reality: 

I am motivated by community and accountability. 


Love limits..

I like to complete a defined “task” in any given session. 

I flourish when I consistently hit small, sustainable goals. 

I decided to create what I most needed myself for clients, an accountability group, and join in. At first, I worried purely “sit down and write” sessions without critique would be worthless. Instead, I found them a necessary—and liberating—step toward turbo-charging productivity. Not only did commitment to others ensure writers showed up on days they felt most tempted to skip . . .

But production absent judgement is supported by science: As prolific songwriter Jonathan Mann explains, "whatever you’re trying to produce, 70 percent of your attempts will be mediocre, 20 percent will suck, and 10 percent will be amazing. These percentages hold steady no matter what level you’re working at.”
The more pages you generate, the more fall into the amazing category.

The only way to get there is to sit down and write.


Benefits  :



Page Generation

Accelerated Improvement

Monthly Billing 


Zoom meetings are held Wednesdays 6:00-7:15p.m. AZ time. Get the direct link and a reminder on Acuity. (Prefer another weekday? Send me a note; I’ll keep a list for launching Group #2.) 


Membership subscriptions are purchased on a 4-month basis, and include 4 sessions, 1 per week, every month. Plans are billed monthly through PayPal: purchase via the button below. 


Sessions must be used during the 4-month period purchased, or they expire, as the goal of this group is accountability. You are investing in your attendance. Writers need to be held accountable to do their best work and finish books. 


After four months, billing stops. There is never any requirement to renew. If you wish to continue, simply renew your subscription via PayPal or reach out to me directly with questions. 


Each writer will share a brief intention at the start for whatever task you intend to focus on. The task should be singular and attainable. If your muse takes you in a different direction, wonderful! No one will read your work. Writers work individually (with or without windows active). We close each session as a group to honor our efforts. 

how it works

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$150/month = 4 sessions
4-month subscription, billed monthly 

Carol knows how to help writers find and shape the essential in their work. She understands what makes a good story. Her talent for narrative structure shows in her consulting and her own work, which she approaches with intelligence and humor.

— Corey Campbell,  Award-winning short story writer

Carol is a consummate professional and pleasure to work with. Her guidance was extremely insightful in pinpointing areas to develop in my first book. The hallmark of Carol’s approach is character development. Her use of the elements of writing is spot on. Her advice is worth its weight in gold!”

— Isabella Maldonado, Award-winning author of the Vera Cruz series & THE CIPHER, a soon-to-be Netflix feature starring JLo. 

Since we were together at graduate school, I have admired Carol’s craft, her commitment to the life of the mind, and the intelligence of her conversation.

In workshops and afterwards, as she has continued to read my work in draft, I have found her perceptions and comments regarding my work to be razor sharp, delivered with great good will, and cutting to the heart of the matter. Both as a reader and a writer, Carol is exceptional.”

— Daniyal Mueenuddin, National Book Award & Pulitzer Prize Finalist: Other Rooms, Other Wonders

“I came to Carol to critique and edit my novel because she is imaginative, thoughtful, and humane. You can trust your prose to her; she’ll make it better in ways you will understand and enjoy.” 

Sheila Grinell, Author, The Contract & Appetite

Carol is an astute professional editor, current on standard industry formats and knows what agents and publishers are looking for.
I’ve had the pleasure to attend a few of her presentations: she truly motivates writers who have found themselves stuck in the revision process or lost during their quest to publication.”

— Deborah J Ledford, Award-winning Suspense Novelist, including
2014’s Best Audio Book, CRESCENDO, narrated by Christina Cox.




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