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Most aspiring authors have a facility for story: lifelong readers who captivate friends in conversation, they harbor a tale they’ve waited a lifetime to tell. 

But they’ve been tricked into thinking writing is easier, and harder, than it seems. 

On one hand, we use language to do everything from text to jot grocery lists. Unlike a sculptor’s tools to cast in bronze, most of us feel an intimacy with words. How hard can they be to arrange on a page? Yet even gifted writers find themselves at a loss when limiting point of view, or controlling past versus past-perfect in flashback scenes. Atop technical challenges, sometimes we simply sabotage our best efforts.

On the other, with vision: a word after a word, a page after a page, a day after a day does add up to a finished project.

The question is, why have we been trained to think we must do this alone?

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About The Writing Cycle Blog by Carol Test
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What if I told you:

  • Stalled progress is more often due to mindset and brain state than lack of discipline or direction?
  • Editing issues are artistic opportunities to connect with your purpose for bringing this work into the world?
  • The writing process is as much about prioritizing your inner life as it is about logging time?

If you’re willing to invest in creative re-training, your growth as a writer will accelerate and pages accumulate.

If you hire an editor, elements of craft or grammar necessary to elevate your idea into art will no longer prevent you from publication. 

If you need encouragement in isolation, it  may take accountability. But you will succeed.

I know. I have edited books published with big houses, small presses, and self-publishers, as well as studied Creativity Coach Training with America’s foremost expert. The Writing Cycle evolved out of my desire to help writers discover how to get work publication-ready with less isolation and reverence for real creative process.

Whether you dream of revising a novel to share with millions of readers or simply yearn to build a reliable practice, let me help you succeed.

Ready to learn more about The Writing Cycle? Here are ten rules for writing that guide my work.

Please enjoy.


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