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ARE YOU MISTYPED? Many ENFJs and ESFJs on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are mistyped or struggle to identify the differences between these related personality types outside stereotyped YouTube parodies and online quizzes that don’t take into account tertiary cognitive function. Too often, they assume an ENFJ is deep; an ESFJ paddles in the shallows.  I propose a better way […]

Myers-Briggs and Writing, The Creative Life
October 1, 2021
ENFJ or ESFJ: Tertiary Function Reveals MBTI Personality Type
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BOOK DEVELOPMENT: THE MINDSET PIECE  When we build your book together in #WRITTEN, The Writing Cycle’s 4-Month One-on-One Coaching Program, I first emphasize the importance of mindset work.  This is the piece many writers skip when they set out to go from concept to development. Of course, you need to be passionate about an idea. […]

Inspiration, Myers-Briggs and Writing, The Writing Process
August 6, 2021
Intuitive Writing: Mindset Secrets of Successful Writers
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As a young writer, I assumed everyone had a process similar to my own. It was only in an MFA that it dawned on me most writers do not work the way I do. This distinction increased starkly once outside an academic environment. Bestselling guides advocated following concrete rules, and, above all, chasing market trends. Community critique groups […]

Inspiration, Myers-Briggs and Writing, The Writing Process
June 16, 2018
An Intuitive Approach to The Writing Process
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Nowhere do the differences between Sensing and Intuitive personalities show up as clearly as in how each prefers to use language. Since style of communication is considered one of the most significant of human differences, it’s worth examining how this component of personality affects the way we write, and to learn how to write a […]

Craft and Revision, Myers-Briggs and Writing, The Writing Process
January 10, 2018
Sensing or Intuitive: How to Write According to Your Personality Type



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