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Can your influences help you around writer’s block? In Do You Have Writer’s Block Because You Are Writing in America?, I explored systemic baggage which impacts any American who sits down to write.  When it comes to writer’s block, writers are afraid, but not only afraid. They are also: Disconnected from a larger purpose for creating.  Disconnected from one another.  Disconnected from […]

The Creative Life, The Writing Process
November 18, 2021
Connect with Your Artistic Ancestors
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10 Motivating Quotes from “BLESSED ARE THE WEIRD: A MANIFESTO FOR CREATIVES.” Are you ready to step into your power as a writer, artist, or thought leader? The Writing Cycle has curated ten life-changing quotes by Jacob Nordby from BLESSED ARE THE WEIRD to help you beat writer’s block and remind you you are entitled […]

Inspiration, The Creative Life
October 6, 2021
Blessed Are the Weird: Motivating Quotes for Writers
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The Writing Cycle explores how professional anxiety impacts creativity when the need for market value collides with personal motivations for making art. In this series, I explored ways American Cultural Mythologies Cause Writer’s Block. Next month, I’ll offer exercises to help you Write Accessibly in Everyday Life and Reconnect with Your Artistic Ancestors. Here, you will define your life […]

Inspiration, The Creative Life, The Writing Process
October 1, 2021
Find Your Purpose: in Writing and in Life
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Q: As far back as I can remember, I felt called to be a creative writer. But what do I do if the calling doesn’t pay the bills? Can I even call myself a real writer?  A: When it comes to writing of any type . . . it’s a dirty secret: nobody wants to talk […]

The Creative Life, The Writing Process
October 1, 2021
Do You Have Writer’s Block Because You Are Writing in America?
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ARE YOU MISTYPED? Many ENFJs and ESFJs on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are mistyped or struggle to identify the differences between these related personality types outside stereotyped YouTube parodies and online quizzes that don’t take into account tertiary cognitive function. Too often, they assume an ENFJ is deep; an ESFJ paddles in the shallows.  I propose a better way […]

Myers-Briggs and Writing, The Creative Life
October 1, 2021
ENFJ or ESFJ: Tertiary Function Reveals MBTI Personality Type
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Can you make a living as a writer? Is writing worth the time and effort if we can’t make money from our creative endeavors? Am I even a “real writer” if I don’t make a living from my writing? The Writing Cycle’s upcoming coaching series explores the anxiety that arises when the need for market value collides with personal motivations for making art. This […]

Inspiration, Publishing, The Creative Life
April 28, 2018
Can You Make a Living as a Writer?



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