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Why it’s essential we make space for creativity in daily life—and how to do it. You might think adding time to write into your weekly flow would prove easy—after all, you carry out a variety of practical tasks. But if you’ve tried and failed to establish a regular routine, and assumed this meant you weren’t a “real” […]

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December 17, 2021
15-Minute Lit: How to Write Every Day
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10 Motivating Quotes from “BLESSED ARE THE WEIRD: A MANIFESTO FOR CREATIVES.” Are you ready to step into your power as a writer, artist, or thought leader? The Writing Cycle has curated ten life-changing quotes by Jacob Nordby from BLESSED ARE THE WEIRD to help you beat writer’s block and remind you you are entitled […]

Inspiration, The Creative Life
October 6, 2021
Blessed Are the Weird: Motivating Quotes for Writers
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The Writing Cycle explores how professional anxiety impacts creativity when the need for market value collides with personal motivations for making art. In this series, I explored ways American Cultural Mythologies Cause Writer’s Block. Next month, I’ll offer exercises to help you Write Accessibly in Everyday Life and Reconnect with Your Artistic Ancestors. Here, you will define your life […]

Inspiration, The Creative Life, The Writing Process
October 1, 2021
Find Your Purpose: in Writing and in Life
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Q: Do you ever wish that you never started writing?  “I am a new author, with two books self-published to date. I have a good life, a supportive husband and children, but for some reason I’m not happy because all I think about is book sales and trying to make it big. I have never in my life […]

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October 1, 2021
Read This Before You Give Up Writing.
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Question: Are book coaches and freelance editors a scam? No one used them a hundred years ago. Answer: It’s essential to understand the HISTORY of the publishing industry to understand how it has evolved in the 21st Century. Independent book coaches and professional editors with integrity (—unfortunately, shady folks exist within any industry—) did not […]

Inspiration, Publishing
September 10, 2021
Are Book Coaches and Editors a Scam?
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BOOK DEVELOPMENT: THE MINDSET PIECE  When we build your book together in #WRITTEN, The Writing Cycle’s 4-Month One-on-One Coaching Program, I first emphasize the importance of mindset work.  This is the piece many writers skip when they set out to go from concept to development. Of course, you need to be passionate about an idea. […]

Inspiration, Myers-Briggs and Writing, The Writing Process
August 6, 2021
Intuitive Writing: Mindset Secrets of Successful Writers
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It’s one thing to work through trauma with a trusted a therapist. It’s quite another to share your story with the world. The Writing Cycle has rounded up ten powerful quotes on healing trauma to offer insight and inspiration as you engage in writing your trauma narrative. Which resonates with your experience writing trauma? Would […]

May 26, 2021
10 Powerful Quotes on Healing Trauma
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As a young writer, I assumed everyone had a process similar to my own. It was only in an MFA that it dawned on me most writers do not work the way I do. This distinction increased starkly once outside an academic environment. Bestselling guides advocated following concrete rules, and, above all, chasing market trends. Community critique groups […]

Inspiration, Myers-Briggs and Writing, The Writing Process
June 16, 2018
An Intuitive Approach to The Writing Process
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Can you make a living as a writer? Is writing worth the time and effort if we can’t make money from our creative endeavors? Am I even a “real writer” if I don’t make a living from my writing? The Writing Cycle’s upcoming coaching series explores the anxiety that arises when the need for market value collides with personal motivations for making art. This […]

Inspiration, Publishing, The Creative Life
April 28, 2018
Can You Make a Living as a Writer?
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For more than three decades, The Artist’s Way author Julia Cameron has been offering compassionate insight on the challenges of creativity. Her tools help writers overcome writer’s block by exploring how fear manifests as procrastination, the relationship between creativity and the unconscious, and by helping authors design not merely a “writing career”, but a creative life. The Writing Cycle has selected Cameron’s ten most resonant quotes […]

Inspiration, The Writing Process
January 11, 2018
Best Quotes: Julia Cameron on Writer’s Block



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