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There comes a time when writers don’t need more workshops to get the results they desire: they need direction and support. 

✏️  Do you have a story that could serve the world, but feel stuck? 

✏️ Are you called to share a trauma memoir or novel that explores the human experience?

✏️ Would birthing a book on healing or personal development enhance your brand?

Most author services are more helpful for revision than for creating enough material to complete a rough draft. Critique groups provide feedback, but require you spend precious time reading and responding to dozens of manuscripts only to receive dozens of subjective or conflicting opinions on your own. Conferences prove fun for networking, but end in a week. 

The Writing Cycle’s high-impact program, by contrast, is modeled on successful MFA mentorships to coach writers through the actual process of book development. Tailored to personality type, the program provides a roadmap toward completion, with editorial feedback on excerpts and personalized support every step of the way. Success is defined by increased productivity with greater ease. Best of all: you don’t undertake this journey alone. 

Working one-on-one with a writing coach:

  • Breaks writing a book into a series of small, actionable steps.
  • Provides deadlines and accountability to turbo-charge productivity.
  • Offers a supportive ear for struggles throughout long periods of isolation on projects.
  • Resolves writing blocks.
  • Includes editorial feedback on excerpts.

Work with Me

My coaching combines techniques for productivity with compassion and artistry. The pillars of my practice are process, skillset, and purpose. I balance dream-affirming with reality-testing, and push writers to explore ways in which a book reflects one’s larger purpose in life or business. My passion is coaching fearful writers through fearless stories of trauma and healing, as well as helping professionals in the spheres of psychology, spirituality, and personal growth develop roadmaps to resonant books that enhance their brands.

Above all, I strive to be of help. 

There are dozens of coaches rallying authors toward publication. Few are classically-trained, prize-winning artists themselves; fewer have taught writing workshops at colleges and conferences around the globe. Likewise, many editors lack time for the deep developmental work of creative process. I have edited books published with big houses, small presses, and self-publishers, as well as studied Creativity Coach Training with America’s foremost creativity expert.

Importantly, I’m a writer like you: I don’t think myself a teacher so much “a fellow traveler of whom you’ve asked the way. I point ahead—of myself as well as you,” as George Bernard Shaw famously wrote, and Julia Cameron loves to quote. 

Learn more about me in my bio or read an interview.


Premium One-on-One Book Coaching Package: 4 months


  • Strategic plan tailored to each client’s goals, project, and blocks.
  • Supportive one-on-one coaching for process-based challenges.
  • Accountability fostered by tasks and deadlines.
  • Recommended reading tailored for craft development.
  • Review of writing prior to each session, if desired.
  • Expert editorial feedback on strengths and opportunities.
  • 7 60-minute 1:1: Zoom or phone sessions, spaced bi-monthly for optimum momentum.
  • 1 90-minute 1:1 “kick-off” to start the program.


Free “Healing Trauma Narratives” Webinar

1-Month Free Accountability Group Membership

Prompts for Unblocking from Leading Psychology and Strategy Coaches

Discount on Future Manuscript Editing + Critique Package

One-Time Payment: $2999

 OR 4 Monthly Payments: $750/month

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  1. Answer the questionnaire on the Contact page.
  2. Upon receipt of your questionnaire, I’ll reach out to ensure we’re a good fit. As always, all information submitted and discussed is held in strict confidentiality, and remains the property of the author.
  3. Select and purchase a premium book coaching package.
  4. Read the Welcome Packet and Coaching Agreement.
  5. Schedule your session(s).
  6. Three days prior to each session, send any pages for review as a double-spaced Microsoft Word document in Times New Roman 12-point font to the private email address I provide.
  7. Consult with me one-on-one. In sessions, I will listen whole-heartedly to your challenges, answer questions, provide resources and brainstorm possibilities for improving your process.
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