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Do you need help writing a book?

Is there a story you’re meant to share, yet doubt or distraction prevent you from living your purpose? Perhaps you have no idea where to start the process of writing a book, or you’re stuck on the logistics of how to structure a book.

Writing is a journey. And even though any road trip remains an adventure into the wilds, you wouldn’t leave home without a map or ultimate destination. 

In #WRITTEN, my One-on-One Coaching Program, I equip writers with a craft compass to turn ideas into art and help them chart a roadmap to a resonant book. This step in The Writing Cycle is designed to save you years of wasted drafting

Are you ready to move from:

✏️ Memory to memoir? 

✏️ Trauma to healing?

✏️ Vision to reality?

✏️ Rough draft to realized dream?

Imagine a mentor helping you build a marketable book to impact the lives of readers. Working one-on-one with an expert writing coach provides a level of attention and accelerated results unmatched by workshops or self-study. Let The Writing Cycle take you from concept to development.

This program is for writers of real-life stories invested in creating art with impact.

My passengers are are artists, academics, and personal growth professionals who care deeply about the *inner journey* and yearn to use craft to elevate ideas into art. They live for:          

                                                                                 t r u e / s t o r i e s
                                                                                 s e r i o u s   /   p l e a s u r e

                                                                                 c r e a t i v e  /  p r o c e s s

                                                                                 d e e p   /   a r t.

Whether you write memoir, personal essay, realist fiction, or seek to sculpt the narrative portion of a book to enhance your brand, we’ll dive deep to clarify complex tales and develop your book’s concept and structure in a way that’s sure to satisfy readers. 

Most services prove more helpful for revision than for providing accountability and a roadmap to a completed rough draft. And workshops require that you spend precious time reading and responding to dozens of manuscripts, only to get varying feedback on your own.

My coaching services and between-sessions editing tailor every meeting to your material. That’s right: this program is all about developing you and your project! You receive straight talk, personalized support, and a single voice providing feedback toward a finished book. Best of all: you won’t undertake this journey alone.

Working one-on-one with a writing coach:

  • Breaks writing a book into a series of small, actionable steps.
  • Provides deadlines and accountability to turbo-charge productivity.
  • Offers a supportive ear for struggles through long periods of isolation.
  • Helps overcome writer’s block.

Work with Me

My passion is coaching fearful writers through fearless stories, as well as helping professionals in psychology, spirituality, and personal growth develop resonant books. My coaching balances dream-affirming with reality-testing, while helping writers accelerate technical expertise. My style is best suited for writers who seek depth along with honest feedback on opportunities for improvement.

I’m for you if you’re ready to:    

  • Dig deep into your passion, purpose, and personality on the page.
  • Find and convey your signature style as a writer 
  • Go from idea to development, but don’t know where to begin. 
  • Leave with a professionally-edited manuscript. 

While I no longer work with writers of genre fiction, nor trade nonfiction authors whose books do not center around a personal narrative journey, I am happy to recommend coaches who excel in these areas.

The truth is, there are dozens of coaches rallying writers toward publication. Few are classically-trained, prize-winning artists themselves; fewer have taught writing workshops at colleges, universities, and conferences around the country. Likewise, many editors today lack time for deep developmental work. I have edited books published with big houses, small presses, and self-publishers, as well as studied Creativity Coaching with America’s foremost expert.

Importantly, I’m a writer like you: I don’t think myself a teacher so much “a fellow traveler of whom you’ve asked the way. I point ahead—of myself as well as you,” as George Bernard Shaw famously wrote, and Julia Cameron loves to quote. 

Learn more about me in my bio or read an interview.


4 months

Start Dates: Oct. 18, 2021-Jan. 31, 2022
April 1-June 17, 2022

(7 slots available / program.
Fall start: 5 slots remaining!)


  • Clarification of the larger purpose your project serves in your life/business.
  • Development of your book’s pitch and three-part structure.
  • Drafting and revision of three key scenes every book must possess to anchor an outline.
  • Polishing one of these into a standalone piece to include in a proposal or submit for publication.
  • Roadmap toward completion tailored to each project.
  • Supportive coaching through process-based challenges.
  • Recommended reading for craft development.
  • Expert editorial feedback on writing between sessions.
  • 6 60-minute 1:1: Zoom or phone sessions, spaced bi-monthly for optimum momentum, with 1 week off for integration.
  • 1 90-minute kick-off session to start the program.


Free “Healing Trauma Narratives” Webinar

Prompts for Unblocking from Leading Psychology and Strategy Coaches

Discount on Future Manuscript Editing + Critique Package

4 Monthly Payments: $927/month

editing and coaching for writers
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  1. Answer the questionnaire on the Contact page and provide an email or phone number.
  2. Upon receipt of your questionnaire, I’ll reach out to ensure we’re a fit. As always, information submitted and discussed is held in strict confidentiality, and remains the property of the author.
  3. Select and purchase the 1:1 book development coaching program.
  4. Read, sign, and return the Welcome Packet and Coaching Agreement.
  5. Schedule your session(s).
  6. No later than four days prior to any session, email requested pages for review as a double-spaced Microsoft Word document in Times New Roman 12-point font to the private address I provide.
  7. Consult with me one-on-one. In sessions, I will listen whole-heartedly to your challenges, answer questions, provide art and craft resources, and brainstorm opportunities for improving your project.
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